Creativity without limitations

As the web designer you are responsible for your company's visual identity on the web, and with Lemoon it has never been easier. Lemoon support the full range of media and formats giving you all of the most advanced presentation opportunities.

This is why you will love Lemoon:

  • 100 % design freedom and durability – Lemoon does not impose any restrictions on the HTML and CSS.
  • The "clean markup policy" in Lemoon ensures that your design stays clean in the long run and can be easily redesigned. 
  • People editing content can control the style class on paragraphs, tables, images etc. Developers can use CSS to turn this into the design you envision.

Bottom line With Lemoon you have a powerful tool to make your website stand out.

Lemoon have been used to create hundreds of sites. Check out what other designers have created with Lemoon as their CMS. Or have one of your developers download and install Lemoon right now. It's free and they will have a fully functional test environment set up for you in no time.