A CMS you actually want to work with

As the backend developer you are a power-user of Visual Studio and speak fluent C#. You want a system that is up to date and accelerates development without imposing too many layers or to few and doesn't limit your coding creativity. That is why Lemoon is compatible with the VS environment and support both classes and libraries, so you can create code to interface to a broad range of systems.

This is why you will love Lemoon:

  • Build beautiful sites with the latest Microsoft technology
  • Lemoon is based on .NET 4.5 and ASP.NET 4.5
  • Supports all .NET languages, including C#
  • Has full Visual Studio 2012 support
  • Offers full IntelliSense against all Lemoon APIs
  • Offers strong logging and debugging features
  • Enables you to quickly extend Lemoon with new functionality

Bottom line With Lemoon you get a CMS that won't hold you back.

Want to know more? Check out the developer docs or dive right in and download Lemoon to try it yourself.