Focus on what's important

As an editor you do not want to worry about technology all the time. The important thing for you is to have a stable and easy way to publish content on your website. In Lemoon publishing content is easy. The editing environment gives you full control over the layout and formatting of the text without the involvement of designers or developers.

This is why you will love Lemoon:

  • Instant editing of existing content makes you and your employees work faster.
  • Lemoon is easy to learn and use for everyone.
  • It's easy to use content across web-sites, even in different languages.
  • Full support for all modern web browsers help makes sure, that your web-site is visible to everyone.
  • You can reuse content across multiple web-sites.

Bottom line Lemoon enables you to work faster and smarter.

Still not convinced? Check out other companies that uses Lemoon. Or why not try it yourself? Ask one of your developers to download and install Lemoon right now. It's free and they will have a fully functional test environment set up for you in no time.