Security and stability in one package

As the system administrator you are focused on a system that can be backed up simply, if not automatically and easy to maintain. With fully configurable back-up procedures Lemoon offers you just that and tons of other features.

This is why you will love Lemoon:

  • XCOPY deployment – moving and backup is extremely easy
  • No IIS tweaking required, 100% standard ASP.NET.
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server
  • 100% managed code means no DLL hell, no registry keys, etc.
  • 100% managed code means full 32 and 64 bit support
  • Standard ASP.NET application, configuration done through familiar .config files
  • IIS restarting and similar "down time actions" never required
  • Application error/warning logging to local log files
  • User and permission administration is a role you can delegate

Bottom line With Lemoon your job of maintaining the servers and user access will be much easier.

Want to know more? Check out the full list of features or dive right in and download Lemoon to try it yourself.