Create a Lemoon web site from the gallery in Windows Azure

The Windows Azure App Gallery makes available a wide range of popular web applications developed by Microsoft, third party companies, and open source software initiatives. Web applications created from the gallery do not require installation of any software other than the browser used to connect to the Windows Azure Management Portal.

  1. Login to the Windows Azure Management Portal. You will need a Windows Azure account that has the Windows Azure Web Sites feature enabled. You can create a free trial account and enable preview features in just a couple of minutes. For details, see Create a Windows Azure account and enable preview features.

  2. Click the New icon on the bottom left of the dashboard.

    Create New

  3. Click the Web Site icon, and click From Gallery.

    Create From Gallery

  4. Locate and click the Lemoon icon in list, and then click Next.

    Orchard from list

  5. On the Configure Your App page, enter or select values for all fields:

    • Enter a URL name of your choice.
    • Select the region closest to your users. (This will ensure best performance.)

    configure your app

  6. Then click the Complete check box.

After you click Complete Windows Azure will initiate build and deploy operations. While the web site is being built and deployed the status of these operations is displayed at the bottom of the Web Sites page. After all operations are performed, A final status message when the site has been successfully deployed.

Launch and manage your Lemoon site

  1. Click the name of your new site on the Web Sites page to open your site.

    launch dashboard

  2.  Your Lemoon site will then be opened and the "Lemoon Setup" page will be launched in a new browser window. Enter basic information about your site on the Lemoon Setup page. Specifically: the name and language of the site, the name of the administrator user and the administrator's password.