Working with Lemoon in WebMatrix

WebMatrix, Microsoft's one-stop web development tool, lets you create, edit, and publish websites with unprecedented ease. WebMatrix includes a built-in web server (IIS Express), along with a simple editor for editing and customizing applications like Lemoon. When installing Lemoon using the Web Platform Installer, you have the option to install to WebMatrix instead of IIS.

Installing and Launching WebMatrix

Download and launch the Microsoft Web Platform Installer Then click the Add button for Microsoft WebMatrix and click Install.

Accept the license terms and launch WebMatrix when the installation finishes.

Using WebMatrix to create a Lemoon Website

To create a Lemoon Website using WebMatrix, click App Gallery on the WebMatrix startup page.

Scroll down and select Lemoon. Enter a name to be used as the folder name for your site. For example, if the site name "Lemoon CMS" is entered, the folder "Documents/My Websites/Lemoon CMS" will be created. Click Next.

A new subfolder, "Lemoon CMS", will be added to your "My Websites" folder. Click OK. Your Lemoon site will then be opened in Web Matrix and the "Lemoon Setup" page will be launched in a new browser window.

Enter basic information about your site on the Lemoon Setup page. Specifically: the name and language of the site, the name of the administrator user and the administrator's password.

Lemoon sets up your initial site and then opens a browser window with a login form to access the Lemoon admin pages where website changes can be made.

Running your website from WebMatrix

At any point in time, you can run your website from WebMatrix by selecting the project node and clicking Run.

Working with files

You can use WebMatrix to edit the files in your Lemoon installation. WebMatrix provides a simple editor that includes colorization for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and code files.

Publishing Your Web Site

When you're ready to upload the local copy of your website to the Internet, you should click the Publish button in the WebMatrix ribbon. Read the article publishing your site for detailed instructions..