Bind hostnames to websites

In Lemoon, you can create more than one website. Each website has its own homepage (the root page of the website).

By default, each site is accessed as: http://<hostname>

For example: or

You can also add an optional path to the hostnames.

For example: or

NOTE: You can only use existing hostname bindings. You should configure them outside Lemoon (DNS Servers, bindings on IIS7 etc).

In addition, you can choose to specify one or more hostname aliases (,

To add a hostname binding:

  1. Under Manage, Site, click the site you want to edit and go to the Bindings tab. 
  2. Click Add binding and enter the hostname to your site (e.g. ''). You can also add an optional path, (e.g. 'en'). The url of your site will then be
  3. Save the changes.